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Testimonial * When attending the Shiny Show UK in September 2017 I met Linda and she carried out a one on one reading with me. The experience I had with her was awesome, enlightening and something i shall not be forgetting. She was able to bring forward loved ones dearest to me, with the messages she delivered being very clear, specific and straight forward, Linda even came out with a saying to me that really hit home as this particular saying was specific to the soul she was in contact with. Linda is very warm, calm and accommodating and I liked her from the off, I would highly recommend Linda to anyone and I shall be booking a revisit in the near future. Thank you Linda for what you do

Author *Russell Foot    January 18, 2018  

What a superb and powerful channel, Linda Lee is. I was amazed at the clarity of the messages that came to Linda from my guides and angels. I felt sincerity and honesty with the channeling, which is so important to the person having having a reading done. The messages that came through, relating to the questions that I asked, helped me greatly; they were clear and precise and what was needed on my part, to continue my soul life journey.
I and will use Linda again for a channeling session. I think she is amazing and has great ability to hear and see beyond the veil.
Thank You dear Linda and Namaste

Loreene E. McGougan    December 26, 2017  

I had a profound experience with Linda whilst at the Shiny Show UK 2017. It was not what I expected, the feeling of having all the energy pushed towards my heart from the top half of my body as if someone was pressing down on my shoulders, Having been sat in a comfortable chair if I'd have been stood up I would have fallen over due to the dizziness I felt. Linda afterward spoke of a guide "Ghandi" that was there maybe temporarily to help me awaken. All I can say is thank you with all my heart Linda, I will be repeating this in the near future, I just need to continue on the path of enlightenment

Simon A Cameron    October 9, 2017  

My reading with Linda was an experience I will always treasure. I had conversations with my grandma and grandpa just as if they were in the room (which they were) 🙂 One of my favorite moments was when Linda spoke of a guide, very present and active in my life – a monk, dressed in a red robe. I was startled to hear this. Over the past several months, on 2 occasions, I have seen a monk on my drive home from work. He was dressed in a fine red robe, walking along the sidewalk, using a wooden walking stick. When I first saw him, my reaction was so strong, like a jolt. And the second time – the same – like my heart would burst. So unexpected - this regal monk, walking alone, in a small Minnesota lake-town neighborhood.
Linda connected quickly and clearly with everyone I spoke to. She is very gifted and has a genuine love for lifting others. I am grateful for the specific guidance that came through in my reading and I'm excited to put some things into action. Thank you, Linda!

Caroline McLemore    October 3, 2017  

Hi Linda, I just wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the light language reading I had with you recently.
I confess to feeling a little dubious prior to the reading. But it just blow my mind, I didn't understand a word but my whole body resonated to the sound of the language, something definitely shifted inside. It was a unique experience that I will be repeating in the near future.
I was not only blown away by the light language but by you too. Your caring and compassionate nature just flows from you, I felt at total ease from the moment we met, not to mention your sense of humour!!
Your channeled answers to my questions were spot on, your are indeed a gifted intuitive medium. Even bringing Erik in on his birthday 😂😂
You highlighted my main issues without any prompting and gave advice in such a caring and considerate way. I never felt any pressure from you, you just allowed the session to flow to its natural conclusion.

Thank you again
Love and Light
Amanda xxxx

Amanda Camerom    September 25, 2017  

Linda, aside from being a gifted speaker of light language and intuitive is simply a beautiful soul. She's humble, kind, straight to the point and very loving in the way she delivers the messages. You feel safe with her and apart from just being the messenger, she helps you process the messages and will spend extra time to make sure your ok. You feel safe with her.

I don't even know where to begin with this other than to just tell my story as I think it speaks volumes about how Linda works.

I went in for my session with her (this was in person) knowing a bit about her and what she does- I'm a believer in mediums and all things spiritual so I was very interested to get a message in light language, but I didn't know her personally at that point or have any idea what to ask. I went in with no actual questions prepared, but my intention -as it always is- was learn who I really am and what the eff I'm doing here in this existence. I didn't verbalize this to Linda though, as I was just open to any messages that would come through that I needed at that time.

Who came through was a galactic being we called 'Z' because there's no human pronunciation for his name. The first thing he did was tell me that I'm a galactic being and that he was going to send vibrations and frequencies through Linda to help open my heart and 3rd eye chakras. (2 areas in which I do struggle) When Linda started on this it sounded very different from her other light language. It sounded almost like computer noises mixed with light language. I can't really explain it. But during it I started to cry and felt an overwhelming sense of being loved and belonging. It was weird and amazing. Also I'm not a crier. I hardly ever cry so I knew something was going on. Long story short, after the Light language, Z told me that I am from his galactic source somewhere humans don't know about, and that I am the first and only of this race who volunteered to have a 3D human experience. (This seems to be a race of light/vibrational beings) I'm on a mission to gather as many different experiences as possible to bring back to them so they can decide if more of them want to incarnate here. They're highly advanced and scientific, but are lacking the actual 3D experiences. This race lives much longer than we do and he told me that I decided to have this human incarnation in the middle of my life as this vibrational alien, so I am in 2 places at once- here and there living 2 lives.

Those who know me well know that I've had an obsession with space, aliens, mind powers and all things related since I was very little. In high school I wrote a senior thesis paper on mind powers- telepathy, telekinesis, precognition etc. In college my senior thesis project was based on a theory I came up with as to what the shape of the universe/multiverse could be and how it works. My eyes are an odd color blue that over the years people have mentioned look a bit alien. Also some of the questions I asked Z during the session were in my head, as in I didn't speak them out loud and he answered right away through Linda. There were other more personal things that came through in the reading with Z that further validated everything, but all I can say is that it was all amazingly powerful. It confirmed things that I had suspected my whole life and filled the void as to why I'm always searching for who I am and why I'm here. And why I've always felt so out of place.

Linda has the beautiful gift of giving these direct messages, but it's up to every individual afterward to take the messages and apply what they've learned to change their own lives.

Dani Battaglia    September 24, 2017  

I had a galactic read with Linda and it was so great! She is so easy to communicate with and so caring with her personality, you can just feel that she is committed to helping others on their journey.
I loved my read with her and she went above and beyond in her read with me!
The light language message I received from her was totally WOW! That's all I can say to describe it, WOW! I felt some kind of energy/vibration from my head down through my, I guess you would say chakras, and then it just spread out through my whole body. I got messages that were amazing and she answered so many questions I had.
Thank you Linda! You are truly a gifted light worker and I will be having more reads in the future and I can't wait to😇❣
Much Love,
Candi Johnson

Candi Johnson    May 19, 2017  

I recently was blessed with a fyler left on my car that lead me to Linda Lee and Thea Williams on a beautiful afternoon. As I attended their "An Afternoon with Spirited Messages" workshop, and was very impressed. I am always opened to new things, and was ready to try something new. I am so happy that I went to see them. All I can say is WOW... I felt their beautiful energy from the moment I met them. They made me feel so comfortable, and at ease. I received so much clarity, and healing energy. I feel amazing!!! They are a beautiful pair. They both have amazing gifts, and in that one afternoon can be such a treat to experience what they have to offer. I hope that everyone can treat themselves to this amazing workshop "An Afternoon with Spirited Messages". You will be happy you did.

Shelly    February 11, 2017  

Linda is amazing and brings such Love to the reading.I have had several readings with Linda.She is the one I turn to when I need help especially with my special needs daughter.I have learned so much about myself through the readings Linda has given me.I have so much Love and respect for Linda she really and truly is amazing.When you get a reading from Linda she does her Light language and then proceeds into the reading.You can really feel the love she has for us as she speaks her light language.I would recommend Linda for a reading any time to anyone she truly has a gift.Thank you Linda for all you have done for me and all you continue to do. Love you so very much. <3 <3 <3

Shirley Willis    September 29, 2016  

Karin Mund · HAK HAS Bad Ischl
I had the honor to have 2 light language that feeled so great and 1 breathtaking wonderful, absolutely trustfull, and so much helping and touching Channeling with Linda and I'm absolutely sure it wont be my last! She channeled my loved ones that passed, with patience and so loving and kind that gave me so much meaning and made clear what's going on in my life, my purpose in this incarnation and I could notice how past lifes have a akurat influence to this incarnation!
I'm still so touched in a positive and grateful way from the informations I got from Lindas channeling, how tender and caring she did it! I personally can asure everybody who plans a reading with her that they wont regret it! For me it was a mindblowing deeply touching experience I wouldnt want to miss........Thank you so so much, dear Linda Hack! ❤❤❤
Like · Reply · Jun 4, 2016 1:05pm

Karin Mund    June 11, 2016  

I had an amazing session with Linda and she is the real deal, she is amazingly accurate and brings across our loved ones with dignity and love. I recommend a reading with Linda, you won't be disappointed, she is a wonderful caring woman who will make your reading an amazing experience. ❤️ I would have another reading with her in a heartbeat 💕

Alana Clark    June 4, 2016  

I had an amazing session with Linda and she is the real deal, she is amazingly accurate and brings across our loved ones with dignity and love. I recommend a reading with Linda, you won't be disappointed, she is a wonderful caring woman who will make your reading an amazing experience. ❤️ I would have another reading with her in a heartbeat 💕

Alana Clark    June 4, 2016  

Linda is the real deal.She emits such love when she channels. I was even treated to Erik being there. I received such loving messages from loved ones and my guides.I will be listening the my recording over and over to keep me on track. The message about letting my son do his own thing regarding his son was profound. Please book with linda, she is a Gem....xoxo

Beth Ballenger    March 26, 2016  

What a fabulous experience. I just knew it was going to be great because upon my first meeting with Linda, I knew right away, she was special. She is very humble about what she does, I do not think she is even aware of the magnitude of her gifts. After the reading, I was so lifted. Spirit entered and moved me! I support Linda in all she does and I tell everyone, "you gotta check this lady out!"

Thea Williams    March 21, 2016  

I have had the honors of having a few sessions with Linda and I know that I will have more!! The Light Language is like heaven speaking to my soul. My body tingles all over and feels like it understands every word she is channeling. Love Love that part! Linda brings such clarity, love and brightness during the sessions and connecting to the people close to me that have crossed over. This is a must have if you haven't had one. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!! Linda is doing her life purpose no doubt.

Dense Ramon    March 18, 2016  

The best session i have had in my life.This amazing person gave me not only a reason to continue living but incredible proof to all she stated ,i consider myself lucky to have met her and an honor to call her a friend will follow her wherever she goes , will not go to anyone else , god blessed you for sure .If you have a session with her you will NOT be dissapointed much love and light my dear forver greatful your new fan a, follower and friend .see you soon much love ,appriciation , respect light and love

60 minutes channeling session    February 28, 2016  

Where do I start? I was blessed to meet this beautiful woman shortly after my journey began. Her influence and gifts have brought me strength and hope to move forward. Our sessions together have been enlightening and joyous! My son in spirit trusts Linda and has given me messages through her.. I am honored to call her friend as well.. : )

Milann Aldag    November 23, 2015  

"Linda Hack messaged me a gift saying that to communicate with my guides and my guides talk to me during this light language session and my guides told me I was a gift from God and my Mama T was there she told me how much of a difference I am making in people's lives and she sees my energy and is very proud of me and just got to see the things that I'm doing which made me very happy. My friend Amanda was there and she passed while I was at a hospital from abuse and for years I wondered if she was okay and she's playing with her teddy bear. The person who was with my Mama T and Amanda was my love. She didn't say anything but when I meet her we are going to help each other spiritually. Linda I thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful gift and I am thankful for you helping me stop feeling guilty that I didn't say goodbye. She was right there with us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart I love you God bless you"

Michael Johnson    November 23, 2015  

Linda, words seem so inadequate right now .... saying "thank you" can't properly convey my appreciation for the reading you did for me yesterday. The Light Language segment was very interesting; I could feel vibrations in my

head and throat. I have no doubt that there were hidden messages contained in it that reached me at a soul level. I loved how my guides and loved ones stayed for such a long time afterwards and imparted amazing invaluable information. I dare say that the session with you will have a long lasting, positive impact on my next steps for quite some time. Your generosity with your time was noted and most sincerely appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I encourage others to give your blessed gift of Light Language a try. Many blessings to you. Your friend, Tim.

Tim Noxel    November 23, 2015  

Good afternoon Linda. This is to thank you for doing a session with me using your Light Language and for the follow up insight discussion. Your Light Language undoubtedly carried coded activations for me because for the next 12 hours I found myself moving to follow up on insights given me during the session. It was made clear to me in the reading that I have guidance from the other side for my EVP and for work that I am doing with my flutes and sound healing. I was also excited to find at least two EVP messages that were imbedded in the recording you sent me of our session. This really is an important finding for me because it confirms what I have believed for quite a while that we don´t need elaborate equipment to find EVP messages. It also is a step in confirming that a fruitful place to look for EVP communications is in the records of work being done my mediums such as you. As synchronicity would have it these were the exact points that were made by none other than Nichola Tesla in his latest interview with Erik and Elisa. Thank you again for the session. I am working on your Indian Music piece. Light, Sound and Love ron

Ron Lederer    November 23, 2015  

Thank you Linda for a wonderful reading, you were able to bring things forward I wasn't able to get from others before you and I feel and see your gifts and thankful I was lead to you. You are a blessing to many out there including myself. xoxo!!

Shanon Duke    November 23, 2015  

I haven't seen such an enormous gifted Soul as Linda in quiet a while. Our Light Language and channelling session left me lighter and gave me a much needed clarity at this particular time in my life. I felt like I knew Linda, like she was a family friend or a caring aunt. In the session I would ask a question in my head and she would give me the answer from my guides and love ones within a few seconds of me asking the question. After listening to the LL again in meditation this morning I felt the same intensity and newness like I did the first time. This is just the beginning of many more sessions with Linda for me. I would suggest to anyone who is seeking clarity, especially at this appointed 'time' to love yourself enough and book a LL session with Linda. It will give you a peace that surpasses all of your 'understanding' about your life. Blessings

Shi King    November 23, 2015  

Just finished a reading with Linda Hack. So beautiful! I like to save my reaction to readings for the review, so she has no idea of my thoughts yet smile emoticon I felt a warm tingling sensation while she was speaking with me through light language. I got the sense that I was being told of how great I have been doing on my life path, and how proud everyone is. I'm doing everything right so far!!! After she finished her light language, she told me the same thing that I was sensing. She was able to help ease my worries on some of things without me even having to ask. Of course, Erik was there and was a riot. It's always so much fun having Erik by my side during a reading, and then he'll be with the other medium at the same time. I know what route to take my spiritual coaching classes in, and I have a feeling I'm on the right path with that. I was so worried that my classes would be way off from the "normal", and that people wouldn't be interested or that it wouldn't be successful. I was able to find out that it's because my set up of the courses are unique that it'll make it be successful. Those weren't the exact words, but I was told by Erik to keep it unique from everyone else and to spread

out, which is what I'm doing. Thank you Linda for also helping me down my path of learning how to trans channel smile emoticon I'll get there! I promise!

Heather Marie Quinto    November 23, 2015  

Just had an amazing experience with Linda Hack i cant even put into words right now the level of happiness hahaha it was friken rad !!!! confirmed so much for me and whats going in in my life ! all three of my children are discovering their own abilities !!! starseed babies and i came here to nurture them !!! she talked about the painting im working on hahah hadnt even mentioned it to her lol !! and that my gift is my art and channeling for people that i will bring healing to my family !!! she went into a past life of mine where i was a child paid to do the art work like the petroglifs ( i know im friken spelling that wrong ) in egypt on the inside of caves and tombs !!!! amd i was a skipper on a fishing boat and i died because three dudes kicked my ass aparatnly I was a real dick !!!!! hahahahaha it goes on amd on and on i just cant spit it all out hahah !!! my energy is through the dam roof !! eriks yelling tie a rope on her foot shes floatin away hahaha !!! exactly what i needed !!! touched on what Heather Marie Quinto and Erik have been giving me shit for ! battling my ego !!! my self confidence in my abilities and to just keep going !!!! she also mentioned a huge spiritual happening coming soon for me !! which Raylene Nuanes also said to me just the other day in a brief converstaion ! we talked about how this entire CE family is so intertwined and connected and i'm really feeling the love for all you guys !!!!! its truly a beautiful thing !!!!!!! thanks Linda !!!! it was truly amazing !!!!

Cara Lacharite    November 23, 2015  

I just had the most incredible light language reading from Linda Hack. My dad and grandfather came through, and gave me a lot of spot-on information about my kiddos, my work, and my life. My dad talked about being here while I worked on a cake with blue icing and flowers, and how it was one of his favorites, and he wishes he could have a piece LOL...My head also started to "fill up" and throb just like it did when the energy shifted and spirits arrived in Denver while she was speaking to me in the light language. Thanks so much Linda for you time and sharing your gift! If any of you would like to have a reading with her, reach out to her.

Katy Hardin    November 23, 2015  

I just had a reading with Linda Hack and she was absolutely amazing!!! Extremely accurate. I finally have the closure i so desperately needed!! I def recommend her to everyone!! Thank you so much for all that you've done for me and we will def be working together...God Bless

Jewels Ambriati    November 23, 2015  
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