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I am having such a wonderful time growing and expanding my abilities. I want you to know we are all born with these abilities and more. We each have what I call a yard stick because that is what spirit shows me while I am channeling when asked about a time line for one to start opening their abilities . So we each have a different yard stick and once you accept that concept, and you will, your abilities will come to light. The more you recognize, except  and acknowledge the more your abilities will unfold. Spirit often shows me a beautiful rose opening to indicate just how far the client has begun to open. The ruler shows me how close you are to hitting your mark, or if you have passed the mark, but are not excepting or recognizing the abilities that you have.

Much Love to All.

Linda Lee





I had a lovely lady come to me and ask me to translate her Light Language written words. I know that many of us both speak, write and sing in Light Language. There is also the form of Light Language in dance and art. My feelings are that once spoken, written, danced, sung or drawn the vibrations from this are sent into the light. These vibrations are what is needed to raise the light. The light moves all things in favor of source and our ascension into the higher dimensions.


The spoken or written Light Language is not needed to be translated in all cases. By its action it has done its work, It is out there in vibration form out into the universe to do the work it has been created to do. The Light Language speaks to the soul. The soul has ears to hear what the mind does not understand.
Intuition can also play a part in translation. What you feel when you hear or see Light Language can be the … Read more

I have a special on my 60 minute channeling sessions from $75 to $60 Till 02/05/2017

I have channeled love ones, guides, angels, pets, entities from other universes. Visited others lives that influence the life you live today.
If you have a friend or lover who you may want to know if you have lived other lives with as well often comes forward.

You make the request and I make contact. Please remember as a medium we can only get for you that which your guides, angels, know you are ready to receive.

I will share with you my ability to speak the Language of Light from your Guide for you highest and greatest good.
we may find where you are on your special awakening and discover any blocks that might be holding you back.
I like it to be fun, enlightening and educational for you.

Namaste and Happy New Year!

Manikin leaping from reflective sphere in fantastic landscape

A loving “thank you” to all those who traveled this little detour in my life this month.

Never have I felt so much love outside of my family for me. I was also re-assured of my importance and love to my own family. This has helped us all understand how fast life can change, and the need to reach out to those we love, for tomorrow is not promised.
All your prayers and concerns were felt and appreciated. Here is what happened to me on 6/5/16.
My husband and I decided to stop for some supper after running errands. We picked a Chinese restaurant that we have frequented many times. I always choose rice noodles and chicken but for some reason I veered away from that choice and ordered orange chicken. Please note here that I am not blaming the restaurant or the food for what happened. I feel spirit was definitely at work.
I had a gastritis attack that presented itself as a full blown heart attack. Many invasive tests were done and through … Read more

Every New Day

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~Mark Twain

It occurred to me one day, while staring at my computer at work, that I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of having uncertainty in any area of my life.

I plan my schedule rigidly, including what social/extracurricular activities I’m going to do over the next week. I take very few risks, and when I do take one, I vow to never do it again. You could say I live life very safely and am a “stick to the rules” kind of person.

At this moment, I am feeling anxiety from thinking about all the things I have no control over.

I am about to finish graduate school with a doctorate in biology and I have no idea what I’ll be doing next. Will I actually submit my thesis … Read more

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