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Channeled from Mother Earth to Linda Lee Hack
Early A.M. June 27. 2017

What is this that you do not understand? You are all workers in Light. What you bring, brings the Light back to where it is absent. I do not cower but grow in my strength and protection. It is your work you have come to do that lifts me. The Light surrounds me. The cycle is near completion, but there is still much work to be done.

The value of your work cannot be measured as there is no limit to energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is limitless. It is the vibration of Light that lifts me. It carries me and protects me. You are all laborers of Light. You agreed to be my assistants in Light. Do not waver. In ego you are all teachers of the heart. Each soul that is reached brings you and us closer to our mission. Plant your seeds for harvest. Continue on your own and our path. Together we will bring peace on earth. Many … Read more

Message to Linda Lee from the Universal Collective Council
Channeled by Her March 22, 2017 at 1:11 A.M.

This message is of the most importance for humanity to hear. All of you who walk the earth and sit on the Universal Collective Council will deliver this message around the globe in many different ways and languages to reach every corner of the world to unite in the light.

This is the time many will choose to not see the light. They are still asleep. Do not worry for them, for there shall be another emerging for them to catch the wave of light and energy.

Trust in us as we trust in you. Love and light surrounds you.

MARCH 22, 2017 AT 1:11 A.M.

Much is happening at this time. You are all being called forward. Many who have been asleep will now awaken. Energy is very high and will bring forth new light workers. Those in accord will lead the way. Many will be the … Read more

February 16, 2017 3:55 AM EST

Channeled by Linda Lee

Universal Collective Council

For so long we have waited for what is now approaching.

With the morning sky awash with light, with the sight of our ships, we will come unto the world.

No longer will there be mystery of only one life.

We come in peace and bring with us the way of a free and loving world.

No more will the will of those who keep you in bondage prevail.

No more false flags will be perpetrated against you as a people, but love will be your way.

Those who do not wish to see, hear, or acknowledge will be lost to their own world of lust and hate. So we say look to the morning sky, feel the morning sun upon your brow.

Rest your feet upon the soil that feeds and nourishes you. This is where you will see us.

This world no longer will be in doubt about their fore fathers.

No longer will borders divide us. As one we … Read more




Do we know who we are? Do we know how many other lives we are living? Do we understand that we can be in a number of frequency at the same time and be living life in a different dimension as well?
What do we know in our human mind about life? Life never ends. Energy of you simply changes into another form.
Would you like to receive a verbal vision of and about one or more of other energy forms you are living?
If so allow me to take you on an energy trip to do just that.
Fly piggy back with me to visit a galactic life and time.
Go to my website to book your session now.

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I am having such a wonderful time growing and expanding my abilities. I want you to know we are all born with these abilities and more. We each have what I call a yard stick because that is what spirit shows me while I am channeling when asked about a time line for one to start opening their abilities . So we each have a different yard stick and once you accept that concept, and you will, your abilities will come to light. The more you recognize, except  and acknowledge the more your abilities will unfold. Spirit often shows me a beautiful rose opening to indicate just how far the client has begun to open. The ruler shows me how close you are to hitting your mark, or if you have passed the mark, but are not excepting or recognizing the abilities that you have.

Much Love to All.

Linda Lee





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