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What is Light Language?

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“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand”

Original author was “ Rumi”

A new step in my ability’s has evolved. I am able to bring forward what we call past lives. This is new for me and I wanted to share it with you. It seems that when the past lives come forward it is to show the sitter their reason for their life contract often involving lessons, phobias and fears they chose. This gives them more insight and understanding of the life they are living here and now. Namaste

I had such a wonderful and blessed day Sunday I shared my gift with three simply loving Angels😇 and in return I received many blessings. I received Love, Trust and Faith in myself as well as my team. Today I continue to give thanks for the awakening of these gifts that have always been mine

Channeled in May 2015 Message from God 05/31/2015 2:30AM

Here is time for your mission when you will be granted gift of seeing you will bring in the others to the group of 144000 together the climb will begin. The ascension is in progress and the dark force will lose their hold on our people. We bring together the tools of their destruction, you will be given those tools in your gifts mighty tools that have never been used on earth. These tools will cleanse and heal earth from the darkness that is upon her. We will bring forward the gifts of healing and sight. You will open the wounds and pour healing into them. She Mother Earth will no longer allow darkness to rule greed and control shall end. You dear ones are the key to the ending of the darkness. You are worthy and full of greatness, your powers are many and we will release them from their slumber yes you, who have asked and given this opportunity, you have lived many life time’s waiting and preparing for now. It has come and you are ready, we are calling. The time for action is near and you will be given back what you have forgotten. Love is the key you are the key you are love. Love conquers! You conquer! Mighty power is love and so too you is given.

August 10, 2015 A new theory (for me) and understanding of and about my Light Language! I had a session with Shannon recently and she called in my Guides and Angels.

One question I asked was why am I being directed to study Sacred Geometry? I have received the same message recently as well as a few month ago. After a lot of detail the direction I was getting from my Guide was that I needed to see and understand that everything thing is connected. An example would be this. We live many lives (incarnations) and it is said that they are all happening simultaneously. What we call incarnations and each life is connected to another. Accordingly, our soul is living all those lives simultaneously. When I share my Light Language with the sitters it is going to all the lives their souls are living in all dimensions at the same moment. The sound vibrations connect and reverberate in all of your complete soul. Sacred Geometry is all things. All that IS, has come from Sacred Geometry. All life Mother Earth rebirths is all formed from Sacred Geometry. Her grass her trees her sand and so as any and all life that is sustained here, is formed by and with that means. Yes, even us! More later on this complex topic.

I have learned the ability to get in touch with source during my secessions and there for pulling healing energy through me. After my secessions I feel revived and at peace with myself and inner being. It has become much easier to except that this life I now live was designed by my soul as my purpose to reconnect my human life with the source of all life and the power we all have been born with but because of amnesia, must find for ourselves again in this life. This is my quest and I have become so much more aware of this with the connections to source I make in my secessions.


The energy and its communication is not what we traditionally think of as earth bound people such as electricity, light, sounds, nuclear energy and alike. Mental telepathy is a more near concept. In other words there is a connection between minds that comes about through feelings generated by the sharing of the energy and vibrations of the information communicated by means of the Light Language. Of course the two minds must be open or subject to the transmission and reception of the energy, thoughts and ideas involved. The channeling of energy is to be distinguished from hypnosis where the subject is induced into and altered state of consciousness and thereafter responds to verbal suggestions. The resepcant of the Light Language need not understand the words or sounds of the language for their soul and body will.

The Source Of Light Language

The energy transmitted by the channeler emerges from the Source. The Source is an all embracing boundless body of energy which at its core has the overall guiding principle of instilling love throughout the world and presumably the universe. This can be done one person at a time. The energy can be communicated through one’s guides to humans on this earth through the receiving of

Light Language. People with psychic gifts are adept at doing so. For example, in addition to speakers of Light Language, some channels the have gift of being able to communicate with people and pets who have passed over, as well as guides and angels. I am fortunate as my gift includes this ability which continues to unfold like the petals of a rose from Mother Earth. The concept of the Source is not a religion or a substitute therefor and is not inconsistent with organized religions as we know them on earth. It can best be characterized as complimentary thereto and to a very large extent enabling or facilitating religious practice. Most gifted psychics feel that their gifts were imparted by and through their religious beliefs. See my About Page regarding my introduction to Light Language through religion.

Channeling and Light Language 07/29/2015

The basic process is communication from the guides of the person speaking in Light Language to another person or another person’s guides. This communication is verbally spoken and heard in a series of organized or un- organized vowels and consonants as we know them. The combinations are not English words but sound like a mixture of foreign sounding words, dialects or different languages and may not be any of those. Interpretation into English is not obvious to the speaker or listener. Interpretation is probably not necessary.

The audible communication from the speaker is a transmission of energy from the speaker/channeler to the person for whom it is intended. The energy comes to the channeler from the Source through his/her guides and is transmitted in Light Language. The process may be likened to the sounds being the power-line by which the energy is transmitted. The energy thereby received by the listener is converted by the listener’s body, mind and heart for the listener.

A sample of my Light Language

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