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When Angels Leave

The life force is taken back into the afterlife to be shared with all of those gone before. That life force is energy: energy that is read, shared and absorb then moves back into Source.
Energy is never lost but found. It is a piece of the collective. And with it comes all of the life lessons that life force incarnated to experience. Those life experiences were designed by the soul. We are all one. We live, many lives many are not on earth, but in galaxies not known to mankind but are very well known by the Collective.
Many souls are here on earth to bring in the ascension into higher dimensions as well as other universal colonies. Many earth bond souls are working in councils with other federations to bring about this ascension into higher dimensions. There the veil between the earth world and other worlds is thin and time travel will be as second nature as going to Starbucks for coffee, but not as expensive.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth is the jewel of the universe She is protected as a Mother protects her child She will not be destroyed, so fear not my lovely earth beings. Many other life forces are around you. They are the care takers of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Many of them walk amongst you. You know them, you break bread with them, you support them and they you. They are like a magnet to your soul. You are summoned together in council to discuss what is happening and how to move forward in the job you came to do. I say continue to move forward and upward into the light that guides’ you. In this light is the magnetic force that moves you and Mother Earth together as one. Those who cannot see or feel will remain in the lower dimensions, many your heart will know. But fear not they will join you when the scales drop from their eyes.

Remember Who You Are and Why You are here!

Your soul has chosen to be on earth at this very time. You have dedicated this life for and to humanity of all living worlds. This ascension is for the universe not just the Jewel of the universe. All have awaited this time as if a mother in labor awaiting the third stage of birthing.
We all must realize that giving birth is painful and as we move into the birth canal the pain intensifies.
You are asked now to focus on the results of birthing new life. The moment you see the new life through your own eyes you realize it has all been worth the pain you have endured.

With loving thoughts I bring this message.
AA Michael.

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